My first in a series of posts about reading and writing fiction will appear here next Tuesday, August 11. I have prescheduled sixteen posts for the next two months and may scatter a few more in between the scheduled times. I’ll be posing questions, throwing out ideas, referring to writers I love and to my own work, and responding to your comments. After the first two months, you may hear from guest bloggers as well. Your comments and questions will influence what we talk about.

This is my way to engage more people in conversation about reading and writing than can sit in my living room. Because I have derived such great benefit from listening to what passionate readers of fiction have shared with me about what they look for in a story, I seek more of it. And I’m thinking that some of them – you, that is – might be curious about how fiction finds its way to the page.

If my luck will have it, other writers will join the conversation. Interested readers will enjoy hearing from a variety of authors about the genesis of their stories and their different ways of traveling from the beginning to the end.

There is a bit of self-promotion here. I’d love for you to buy my books, but I want this conversation for its own sake. I am a social being in a solitary pursuit. This may be the best way to crowd my living room with people who have a passion for fiction.

Please join me starting next Tuesday, August 11th. If you live in Pacific Standard Time, look for the posts after 7:00 am on Tuesdays and after 11:00 on Thursdays. The rest of you can figure it out from there. Let’s see where the conversation goes.


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