A Story From” Last Night At The Vista Cafe”

I have put the story “Bones” here on Follow Your Nose Fiction. You will find it on the menu. It’s a story about closure. I’m hoping it might lead to conversation in my cyber kitchen. Or is it my cyber living room? I’m not sure. Perhaps you can help me decide.

I have chosen the title because the point-of-view character, Sankey, has received a phone call from Maggie, his ex-wife, telling him that she has discovered the bones of Chester The Cat in the storage space under their former bedroom. His little skeleton is resting in nearly perfect condition on a box of dishes Sankey had forgotten to remove when they ended their marriage. Maggie thought Chester had gone into the woods to die.

They talk about Chester, about what to do, and about the dishes, but there is a subtext: they have not had closure on their relationship. Chester has provided them with an opportunity.

I gave Maggie and Sankey the resiliency to reach for closure well after their marriage had ended without it. It might also be about making amends, and it’s not entirely clear how well they will succeed.

I’d love for you to read “Bones” and share experiences you might have had and stories you might have read or written about any kind of closure that has touched you.

“Bones” lives in the collection entitled “Last Night At The Vista Cafe, Stories.”

2 thoughts on “A Story From” Last Night At The Vista Cafe”

  1. Jim, I haven’t re-read “Bones,” yet but I remember it as a charming story. Please send me a newsy email and I’ll reciprocate! Best, Larry


    • Larry,

      “Newsy?” Do you mean about what I’ve been writing? Here, though, is some news: this morning I will take down “Bones” and replace it with another story, doubtless one you’ve read. I’ve not written new ones because my novel project, “Third Floor,” is swallowing me. That and paying my taxes!

      If you’re not too busy, consider writing reviews for me on Amazon, but be sure they are honest. (How could I insult the integrity of as honest a lawyer as I’ve ever known?”



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